L S Lowry - Seaside Promenade


Original Lithograph, in cream and black, on Arches watermarked paper. 1969, signed and dated 1967 in the stone, bottom left, signed by the artist in crayon bottom right, Publishers label verso, bottom right.

Edition: /75

Published by: Ganymed Original Editions Limited, 11 Great Turnstile, London, W.C.1 - label bearing the artist's name, title, medium and edition size adhered to the reverse

Printed by: M E Wolfsensberger. A G Zurich

Size: 564 x 760 mms (Paper size) ; 480 x 610 mms (Image size)

Public Collections: The Tate Gallery, London - presented by Ganymed Press in 1979, archive number P03269 - https://www.tate.org.uk/art/artworks/lowry-seaside-promenade-p03269

Literature:  Henry Donn, Henry Donn Galleries, Manchester, 1979 , printed by the Scholar Press : “The illustrated Limited Editions of L S Lowry” Number 4

Note: In his lifetime Lowry made approximately 54 signed prints, most of which were signed reproductions. In addition to this 16 Original Lithographs were published by Ganymed Press from which our example comes. The series consisted of:

  1. A Village on a hill
  2. A street full of people
  3. A Hillside
  4. Seaside Promenade
  5. Sunday afternoon
  6. Shapes and sizes
  7. Tree in a square
  8. Bloomsbury Square
  9. The Three Cats
  10. A Northern Town
  11. Old Steps, Stockport
  12. Castle on the Sands (Our present example)
  13. Winter in Broughton
  14. Francis Terrace, Salford
  15. The Pavilion
  16. The Viaduct, Salford

Condition: This lot is in overall good condition.