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Original screenprint, 2010, on glass, signed, numbered and dated on a label on the back. in a black tulip frame designed by the artist

Published by: Alan Cristea Gallery, London

Printed by: Advanced Graphics, London

Size: 575 x 935 x 65 mms (Overall)

Edition: AP 1 of 5. There was also a signed and numbered edition of just 20 proofs

Note: Initially taking photographs of his subject matter - be it of people, landscapes or still lives - he then digitally manipulates the photographs and constructs his images by a process of elimination and distillation, and through this practice has developed a concise and reductive formal language. Drawing from influences as diverse as billboard signs, 18th-century portraiture, popular comics and Japanese woodblock prints, Opie 'paints' using a vast array of media and technologies. His works have been realised in silkscreen, vinyl, LCD, LED, lenticular and flocking, and he continues to push the boundaries of ‘traditional' artistic practice.