John Piper - Turquoise, Blue and Black face


Original hand painted tile on cream background, in mauve, turquoise & blue, circa 1982, signed by the artist. Stamp of Fulham Pottery verso in the plain tile

Size: 165 x 165 mms

Notes: John Piper made a number of ceramic pieces with Fulham Potteries. This item was possibly created for a special exhibition 10/27th November 1982 entitled “New ceramics by John Piper: an exhibition of obelisks, platters, plates, curly dishes, candle-sticks, vases and mugs, made by John Piper in conjunction with Fulham Pottery Ltd.” which was shown at Dan Klein in London.

Created by: Fulham Pottery, London

Literature: Dan Kline Ltd “New Ceramics by John Piper” exhibition catalogue. Unfortunately this work is rather badly done. There are descriptions of the individual works exhibited and some illustrations. However the illustrations are not related to the text and only a small number of works have been illustrated. It is not possible, therefore, to allocate our work to a specific description and reference number for this reason.