John Piper - Tickencote, Rutland: The Norman chancel arch


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Original Lithograph, 1964, on Crisbrook Waterleaf 285 gsm paper, signed by the artist in pencil

Size: Image 423 cms x 670 cms; Paper: 567 x 778 mms - CHECK

Note: This is plate X from a portfolio entitled “A retrospect of churches” which consisted of 25 stone lithographs which was issued in a leather folio. The forward was written by John Betjeman. The portfolio illustrated a number of different churches in England and Wales dating from Norman times until the nineteenth century.

Tickencote Church lies just 3 miles north-west of Stamford, very close to the A1.The church is known, as is so frequently the case, to have replaced a Saxon structure but no obvious trace remains, although some have tried desperately to identify some. The present church is believed to date from around 1130-1150. Just why it was so richly appointed is something of a mystery. The nearby town of Stamford has been an important one for at least fifteen hundred years. The church itself is an outstanding example of medieval architecture. Some say this is perhaps the finest Norman church composition in England except perhaps Kilpeck.

Published by: Marlborough Fine Art

Edition: 70

Reference: Orde Levinson “Quality and Experiment: The prints of John Piper” , pages 73/75 Number 130

Public Collections: The Tate Gallery, London, Reference PO6435

Condition: In good condition