Joan Miro - Nestor


Category Joan Miro

Original Lithograph, 1975, on Velin Arches paper, signed by the artist in pencil

Edition: 50. There were also 12 HC proofs

Size: Sheet 905 x 632 mms (35 ⅝” x 27 ⅞” Inches)

Published & Printed by : Maeght Editor, Paris

Reference: Maeght Editeur “Miro Lithographie, Volume V (Catalogue Raisonne) Number 1074

Note:   Nestor, in Greek Mythology, was the King of Pylos. He was one of the original Argonauts who fought the Centaurs and He and his sons, Antilochus and Thrasymedes, fought on the side of the Acheaens in the Trojan War Though Nestor was already very old when the war began, he was noted for his bravery and speaking abilities. In the Iliad he often gives advice to the younger warriors and advises Agamemnon and Achillies to reconcile. Miro drew many of his compositions from classical mythology.