Joan Miro - Le Vent Parmi les Roseaux


The wind among the Reeds

Cover of the suite made up of one of the states of the tail piece - from 16 poems and two notes by William Butler Yeats, translated by Andre Pieye de Mandiargues

Medium: Original etching and aquatint in colours,1971 -this is the unsigned and unnumbered version

Published by: Collection Paroles Peintres, Paris

Printed by: Arte Adrien Maeght, Paris

Edition: 100 copies on Joannot-Velin paper (Out of a total edition of 150 copies on different papers)

Reference: Dupin ; Miro Engravings, Volume 2 - Number 547 - On Joannot-Velin paper ; Patrick Cramer: The Illustrated books, page 372, Number 149

Size: 33 x 21cm (plate)