Jean Lurcat - Grand tete


Original ceramic plate, circa 1950, in colours, inscibed verso (beneath the glaze) “J Lurcat SantVicent”

Note: Lurcat was a well known Ecole de Paris artist who frequented the circles of Picasso and Marcus's and was prominent in the cubist movement. His work is heavily influenced by Jean Cocteau. He is best know today for his Tapestries and Ceramics. In 1950 Lurçat was asked by Firmin Bauby if he would work for his St Vincens pottery at Perpignan. From then until 1966 Lurçat visited the pottery and created ceramics under the guidance of the head of the workshop, Gumersind Gomila. Faience jugs, dishes, vases, and tiles were made by the potters and decorated by Lurçat,

Edition: Unknown size. Generally the master copy was reproduced in limited editions of about 25 to 100.

Maker: St Vincens Pottery, Perpignon, France

Condition: In very good condition

Size: Diameter 395 mms