Jean Cocteau - Portrait de Georges Marchal


Pencil on paper, signed and dated below right “Jean 1944”.

Size: 470 x 310 mms

Note: Georges Marchal (1920 - 1997) was a French actor By the early 1950s, he had become one of the top male stars of French cinema, second only, perhaps, to actor Jean Marais. He was also a favourite leading man of filmmaker Luis Bunel appearing in the director's films Led voie lactee, Belle de Jour, Cela apple L’aurorore and a more en ce jardin. In 1951, Marchal married French actress Dany Robin and together they were a popular couple, playing in the movies La Passagère (1949), La Voyageuse inattendue, Le plus joli péché du monde, Jupiter directed by Gilles Gramgier (1952), and Quand sonnera . On television, Marchal played Claude Jade’s father in the TV-series The Island of thirty coffins, and appeared as Richelieu, and Phillipe IV, and in adaptations of Balzac, Hugo, George Sand and Colette. Divorced from Dany Robin in 1969, Marchal married Michele Heyberger in 1983. He had two children, Robin and Frédérique. Marchal retired in 1989 and died, age 77, on 28 November 1997 in Maurens, Dordogne, France.

This drawing came from the collection of Severin Wunderman . Much of this famous collection was given to the Cocteau Museum in Menton on the French Riviera. Wunderman was 19 when he began collecting works by Cocteau. He had offered his collection to the University of Texas but later withdrew the offer, keeping his collection in his own Cocteau museum in Irvine, California, which he dedicated in 1985. He would frequently lend pieces to exhibitions and shows. The work Wunderman left upon his death in 1963 was catalogued by the Cocteau expert Annie Guédras, who identified at least three dozen fakes and copies among the pieces, some of which were destined for Wunderman's donation to the museum. The museum did eventually withdraw the works in question. Guédras later felt that she was uexcluded from the Cocteau Committee that created the museum in the early 2000s because of her discovery.

Authentication: A certificate from the Jean Cocteau expert, Annie Guedras, comes with this item. This document is dated at Perigueux, 16th November 2016 , and is Archive Number 5941 E.


Collection of Andre Bernard, Paris.

Collection of Severin Wunderman

23/9/2010 Bonhams Auction (Collection of Severin Wundeman) (Lot 36)


Paris, Le Salon des Peintres du Spectacle, 1995 (Label verso) - priced at FF 70,000

Bruxelles, Musee D'Ixelles, 1991dali d

Baden-Baden, Staatliche Kunsthalle Baden-Baden, 1989, no.312 (Label verso)