Jean Cocteau - Frederic ou Ibsen et le canard sauvage


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Original Pencil drawing on paper, 1962, signed and dated by the artist in pencil, with star below.

Size: 254 x 203 mms (10.5 x 8.5 Inches)

Note: This accomplished drawing was made as a study for an illustrateon in Raymond Oliver’s book “Recettes you un ami” édition limitée Galerie Jean Giraudoux - Paris 1964) (réédition - Editions de l’Epure - Paris - 2017). It depicts Henrik Ibsen (1828 - 1906) the famous Norwegian playwright. Many of Ibsens works were considered scandalous in their day. Several of his later dramas were considered scandalous to many of his era, when European theatre was expected to model strict morals of family life and propriety. Ibsen's later work examined the realities that lay behind many façades, revealing much that was disquieting to many contemporaries. It utilised a critical eye and free inquiry into the conditions of life and issues of morality. Le Canard Sauvage was a piece written in 1884. In this drawing Cocteau shows the celebrated author with his distinctive long vowels tucking in to a dinner with chicken and eggs served by a waiter in the background.

Authentication: A photo certificate from the Jean Cocteau expert, Annie Guedras,, comes with this item dated at Perigueux 20th November 2018, Archive number 6053 E