Jean Cocteau - Faun a la brindille


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Pen and ink and Grey Crayon drawing ,1939, inscribed “Apres quinze ans! Je n’oisais pas revenir. Et je retriove mes fantoms en chair et en os: signed “Jean C” with star, date avril 1939, titled “Hotel Chateclere” “after 15 years I return to the Oasis and find the ghosts in my bones"

Size: 34.4 x 29.2 cms

Note: Cocteau went to Piquet in 1917 with Andre L Hote and stayed at the hotel Chantecler, a small guest house. He went back there over the following years and in 1920 was with Raymond Rodriguez where was written the greater part of “Le disable au corps” which was to be published in 1923, the year of Radriguet’s death. Amongst the artist’s friends who visited the hotel were the sculptor Jacques Lipchitz, the comedian Pierre Bertin, the composer Georges Asuric and the painter Jean Hugo. Cocteau returned to the hotel in April 1933 with Jean Marais but the character of the place, which had in the past given him so much pleasure, had changed. Perhaps this is why when he returned in 1939 he was not so enamoured of the place and hence the inscription on this drawing. It could well be that Cocteau considered that coming back to this treasured sport full of happy past memories he became unhappy. We have also photographs of a postcard of this luxury hotel as it had been in the time of Cocteau’s visit.

Authentication: A certificate from the Jean Cocteau expert, Annie Guedras, comes with this item dated at Perigueux the 19th March 2015, reference No 5810 in the archives.