Jean Cocteau - Elegant lady at her window and Messenger Bird


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Original drawing in pencil, circa 1935, signed by the artist with initials “JC”

Size: 650 x 500 mms (paper size)

Note: The Cocteau expert, Annie Guedras, issued a document with additional information about this work. Jean Cocteau was commissioned to execute a series of drawings for the Couture House, Molyneux and these were entitled “Douze Portraits des robes de Molyneux”. She illustrates a drawing, another from the series, which was the title piece.


2007 Musee Richard Anacreon de Granville - Entitled : “Passions crosses - Cocteau et les Femmes”

2011 Musee Christian Dior de Granville : Exhibition entitled “Le Bal des Artistes”

Authenticity: The buyer acquires a certificate by Annie Guedras, the well known Cocteau expert, dated at Perigueux on the 20th August 2015 under archive number 5844 E n