Jean Cocteau - Chevaliers de la table ronde


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La Tour

Knights of the Round table

Medium: Original Lithograph in colours, 1959, Blue, brown and Black, signed and dated in the stone and also by the artist in pencil

Note: Les Chevaliers de la Table ronde (engl. The Knights of The Round Table) is a play written by the artist in 1937. In the play Merlin is an old and cruel enchanter, who manipulates the court of Arthur with the help of a demon. It was translated into English by W H Auden as The Knights of the Round Table. Many of Cocteau’s artististic works commemorated his literary ones. Our lithograph shows a medieval figure approaching a battlement.

Size:   23 1/4 x 18 1/2 in (59 x 46.9 cm)

Edition: 110

Printed by: Mourlot Freres, Paris