Henri Matisse - L' Espagnole a la Mantille


Spanish lady wearing a Mantilla

Medium: Etching and aquatint in colours, 1925, on wove Arches, watermarked paper, engraved by Jacques Villon under the supervision of Matisse, signed by Matisse in pencil

Note:  This was made after the painting crested by Matisse in 1922

Jacques Villon’s extraordinary technical virtuosity enabled him, alongside his own œuvre, to make original prints from the works of artists who were friends of his, as it were, to replenish his finances. In their faithfulness to the original works and the stunning technical mastery with which Villon executed them, they are prime examples of successful translation of original works into a different medium. “Espagnole à la Mantille” is a typical example of the dazzling portraiture that, along with other genres, made Henri Matisse’s reputation for his masterly handling of decoratively heterogeneous pictorial elements. The beautiful Spanish woman asserts herself with poise against a wildly patterned background. However, the parallel stripes in the foreground create distance, while at the same time constituting the balancing factor in a composition that is visually sumptuous in its diversity.

An edition of unknown size also exists. This is unsigned, unnumbered and bears the blindstamp of Chalcographie du Louvre, Paris.

Reference: Colette de Ginestet & Catherine Pouillon, Jacques Villon. Les estampes, les illustrations, Arts et Métiers Graphiques, Paris 1979, n°666

Edition: 200 - There were also 10 artists proofs made

Published by: Galerie Bernheim-Jeune, Paris.

Printed by: Chalcographie du Louvre, Paris.

Condition: A pleasing example with colours slightly attenuated and margins trimmed. Some marks on margin a long way from image and under the mount.


  1. Art Fair New York
  2. Private Collection Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Size: Sheet: 59.5 x 49.5 cms