Henri Matisse - Femme Accoudee (Lydia)


Original drawing, black cont crayon on paper, signed and dated   “Henri Matisse 35” by the artist lower right. PM (Pierre Matisse stamp) in a rectangle verso. Marked in pencil “Inv 1304 - 353/2”. Pierre Matisse Estate reference 201289 (Number only marked in pencil)

Size: 97⁄8 x 123⁄4 in. (25 x 32.4 cm.)

Note: Lydia Delectorskaya was close to Matisse in his later years . Together they established a collaboration that gave her a new sense of power and purpose. Taking up the duties of studio manager and factotum along with being principal model, painting became central to her life as it was of Matisse’s. Biographer Hilary Spurling interviewed Delectorskaya several times observing that: “She could have run an army, she had amazing capacities. She ran the studio, she organised the models, she dealt with the dealers, sales people, the gallery... everything worked like clockwork. Her close working partnership with Matisse drew an ultimatum from his wife of 40 years, "It's her, or me!” and Matisse chose his wife who left anyway in 1939. After he sacked her, Delectorskaya tried to shoot herself in the chest. At his request, she returned to help in the studio in Paris where both were caught up among people fleeing the city after war was declared with Germany. She said,

A decision had to be made there, as to whether or not he was to take me with him. Matisse drew Delectorskaya in her traveling hood at the start of their journey through war-torn France. She was his great muse, model, manager and companion, staying by his side for the rest of his life


1) Pierre Matisse, New York (Pierre Matisse was the artists’s son who set himself up in New York as a very successful Art Dealer)

2) Pierre-Noël Matisse, Paris (Grandson of the artist, by descent from the above).

3) By descent to the late owner : Jacquelyn Miller Matisse

Jacquelyn Miller was born on November 11th, 1940 to Floyd Roosevelt Miller and Clairiné Spence Miller. The middle of five siblings, she relocated with her family to Chicago in 1949. In Chicago, with its many cultural diversions, Jacquelyn Miller developed interests which would influence her later career. She became interested in dance, both classical and modern, and she developed an interest in art through her many visits to the Art Institute. After college, she worked as a secretary, but after a few years, her wish to see the world became too strong and she packed a bag and left for Europe. Arriving in Paris in 1966, she soon found work dancing for Roland Petit at the Casino de Paris. She also worked for many years as a house model for Yves Saint Laurent. It was in Paris that she met and married Pierre-Noël (Peter) Matisse, youngest grandson of the artist and after this marriage in 1978, much of her life was devoted to Peter and their life together. On Peter’s death in 2006, she devoted her time to travel, often as a representative of the Matisse family, and spent time on various philanthropic activities. On her death in March 2018, she requested that the majority of her estate be given to charitable causes.

4) Christies online Auction (Estate sale)

Authentication: A certificate of authenticity from Mr George Matisse will be provided to the buyer

Exhibitions: 2010 Musee Matisse de Nice “Lydia Delectorskaya muse et modele de Matisse” Our piece is illustrated on page 93 of there Catalogue

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