George Braque - Hecate


Oval-rectangular ceramic plate, yellow-orange, blue, white and black, circa 1963, signed recto “G Braque” below right in the image. Verso: Titled ”Metamorphoses de Braque“ and signed by Monsieur Armand Israël, owner of the artists droight Morale, and “successeur de baron de Loewenfeld “

Edition: This is a Unique work and was never editioned. Ceramic works by Braque are all very rare items and none more than this.

Note 1: Hecate was the Greek goddess of the moon and one of the main deities worshiped in Athenian households as a protective goddess who bestowed prosperity and daily blessings on the family

Note 2: In “Metamorphoses de Braque” Rapael de Cuttolo describes how Braque became involved with Greek Mythology which was an important part of his oeuvre. The artist made numerous Lithographs and gouaches illustrating these subjects. In 1961 as a “Hommage to Braque” his jewels were presented at an exhibition at La Galerie Mollien du Musee du Louvre., and again, in 1965, at another special exhibition in New York. On page 121 it describes how Armand Israel, Georges Israel , Baron G Heger de Loewenfeld and Raphael de Cutoli published an Artists book “Oedipe Roi” which was illustrated by 12 Lithographs after George Braque. It states that besides the edition of 85 there was a Unique edition, A Unique Editeurs edition and Three Deluxe editions all of which included original gouaches by the artist of jewels designed by Braque and created, for him, by Baron Heger de Loewenfeld. One of these gouaches is illustrated on page 93 and is a study for the lithograph also included in the book. It is a study for the Jewel, encrusted in diamonds acquired by the French State and is also a study for our ceramic unique plate. The fact that this plate is signed by Armand Israel confirms this.

Literature: “ Metamorphoses de Braque, Gouaches, bijoux, sculptures Livres d’art Lithographies” by Editions France Art Centre Paris by Raphael de Cuttoli and Baron Heger de Loewenfield, published in 1989. This work does not mention our ceramic plate but does illustrate the jewel and lithograph referred to above of the same subject.

Size: 21 x 31.5 cms