Fernand Leger - Les Constructeurs


 Original Lithograph on Johannot watermarked paper, 1955, , signed by the artist in ink (lower left)

Size: Image: 59.3 x 44.2 cm. (23 3/8 x 17 3/8 in.) ; Sheet  63.5 x 50.8 cm. (25 x 20 in.)

Edition: 250

Reference: L Saphire, Fernand Leger: The Complete Graphic Work, New York, 1978, no. 141, p. 234 (another example illustrated) and further discussed pp. 285-86.

Published by:  The Folkorelsernas Konstframjande, Stockholm, Sweden

Note: This shows two men seated in the scaffolding of a building, Léger carefully constructs an image defined by structure and weightlessness, qualities that characterizes the construction of multistoried building. Of this series Léger has stated: “I took Les Constructeurs down to the Renault factory, and they were hung on the walls of the canteen. The blokes came in at twelve. They looked at the pictures whilst they were eating. Some of them sniggered 'Just look at them! Those blokes could never move with hands like that!' In fact they were making judgments and comparisons. My pictures seemed funny to them. They didn't understand them. Sadly eating my soup I listened to them. I went back to eat at the canteen eight days later. The atmosphere was different. The blokes weren't laughing any more, they weren't looking at the paintings. Nevertheless, quite a few of them, while eating, glanced up, had a quick look at the pictures before digging into their plates again. Who knows if the canvases intrigued them or not. But when I was getting ready to go one of the blokes came up to me: 'You're the painter, aren't you? You'll see. My mates are going to notice the difference when you take your paintings away. When they'll be looking at blank wall in front of them, my mates are going to realize what your colours are like…' that’s the kind of statement that gives one pleasure" (Francia, 204 - 205).


Private Collection, Sweden

Private Collection, London, UK

Condition: The signature slightly faded (as normal) otherwise in good condition.