David Hockney - The Rescued Princess


Original etching, softground etching and aquatint, 1969, on Hodgkinson handmade paper, watermarked DH/PP, signed by the artist in pencil.

Size: paper: 24 3/4 x 18 1/8 in. / 62 x 46 cm plate: 17 3/4 x 12 5/8 in. / 45 x 32 cm

Edition: 100 (There were also 600 impressions made in an unsigned book edition)

Published by: The Petersburg Press, London in association with the Kasmin Gallery, London

Printed by:  Piet Clement, Amsterdam

Note: This is print number 33 from “Six Fairy tales from the Brothers Grimm”. It is an illustration for “Old Rinkrank” A king has a glass mountain built, declaring that whoever scales its slope could marry his daughter. The princess decides to aid one of the suitors. As the princess and her suitor climb, she slips; the glass mountain opens up and swallows her. She is found by Old Rinkrank in the cave she falls into. He offers her death or servitude. As his servant, she washes his dishes, makes his bed, and grows old. He takes to calling her Mother Mansrot. Every day Old Rinkrank takes his ladder out of his pocket, using it to climb to the top of mountain, and pulls the ladder up behind him. Every evening he returns with gold and silver to add to his hoard. One day Mother Mansrot washes his dishes, makes his bed, then shuts all the doors and windows, except one small window. She refuses to open up when Rinkrank returns. He looks through the small window to see what she is up to, and she slams the window sash on his beard. Trapped, he must surrender the ladder. After climbing to the top of the mountain, she releases him by pulling on a long rope. Returning to her father and betrothed, she tells them what has happened to her. The king condemns Old Rinkrank to death, taking his gold and silver. The princess finally marries, and they live in splendour and joy.

Provenance: Marlborough Fine Art, London - Their label verso


David Hockney Prints - Tokyo Museum Catalogue 99

Scottish Arts Council 102

David Hockney Foundation: https://www.thedavidhockneyfoundation.org/artwork/1449

Condition: In good condition