David Hockney - The Princess Searching


Original Etching & Aquatint , 1969, on Hodgkinson handmade paper, watermarked DH/PP signed by the artist in pencil.

Size: paper: 17 3/4 x 16 1/8 in. / 45 x 41 cm plate: 10 1/8 x 6 3/4 in. / 26.7 x 17 cm

Edition: 100 (There were also 600 impressions made in an unsigned book edition)

Published by :   The Petersburg Press, London in association with the Kasmin Gallery, London

Printed by:  Piet Clement, Amsterdam

Proofed by: Maurice Payne in London

Note: This is print number 5 from “Six Fairy tales from the Brothers Grimm”. It was an illustration for “The little sea hare”. A princess had a magical tower with twelve windows, and whenever she looked from a window, she saw more clearly from it than the one before. Being haughty, she had no wish to marry, and decreed that any suitor must hide from her to win her, but if she found him, he was to lose his head. After ninety-seven lost their lives, three brothers presented themselves, and the first two lost. The youngest son asked for three tries. He went hunting and spared a raven, a fish, and a fox. The raven tried to hide him in an egg, where he could be seen only from the eleventh window. The fish swallowed him, where he could be seen only from the twelfth. The fox turned him into a pretty sea hare and sold him, to the princess. When she went to the windows, he hid in her hair. She could not see him and angrily threw the sea-hare out of her hair. He sneaked off, the fox restored him, and he went to claim her, and they married.


David Hockney Prints - Tokyo Museum Catalogue 71

Scottish Arts Council 74

David Hockney Foundation: https://www.thedavidhockneyfoundation.org/artwork/1448

Provenance: Marlborough Fine Art, London - Their label verso

Condition: In very good condition