David Hockney - My Window. Art Edition (No. 251–500) No. 281, 23rd July 2010


Ink-jet print in 8 colours, 2010, on cotton fibre archival paper, signed by the artist in pencil

Published by: Taschen Books https://www.taschen.com/pages/en/catalogue/art/all/66900/facts.david_hockney_my_window_art_edition_n...

Size: 432 x 560 cms

Edition: From a signed and numbered edition of 250

Note: Hardcover in clamshell box, 38.5 x 50 cm. The book “David Hockney by Hans Werner Holzworth published in a Limited Edition. Both the book and the print are hand signed by the artist. In this artist’s book of 120 iPhone and iPad drawings, David Hockney follows the course of the seasons through the window of his Yorkshire home. Each image depicts a fleeting moment—from the colourful sunrise and lilac morning sky to nighttime impressions, snow-covered branches and the arrival of spring. Printed in large format, this is a highly perceptive and poetic body of work.