David Hockney - Joe McDonald


Original Lithograph in black & white , 1976, worked on a stone and an aluminium plate with crayon.on Arches mould made buff paper, signed and dated by the artist in blue crayon , lower left, chop mark lower right

Note: In 1976 the artist worked with Gemini G.E.L on a series of lithographs of “Friends”. These were portraits of Evans, the fashion model, The American film director Billy Wilder and many others. Our example is of Joe McDonald (1945 - 1983, the male fashion model from New York. Joe was a very successful personage in the fashion scene and died young , tragically, of Aids, This lithograph also exists on poster form. It was made to publicise an exhibition in Germany in the summer of 1979.

Edition:  99 There were also 32 artists proofs.

Published by: Gemini G.E.L in 1976

Printed by: Serge Lazingoit and Edward Henderson in Los Angeles

Size: 42 x 29 1/2 in, 105 x 74.9 cm

References:   M.C.A.T (Tokyo) 164

Scottish Arts Council Number 175

David Hockney Foundation: The David Hockney Foundation, Friends, https://www.thedavidhockneyfoundation.org/series/friends-gemini-gel-1976-portfolio, accessed September 23, 2021

Provenance: Private Collection, Ontario

Public Collections: Museum of Contemporary Art, Tokyo.

National Gallery of Art, New York