Andre Gomes - 5 photos of Pablo Picasso


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Vintage Prints, 1969, signed by the photographer verso “ph Andre Gomes”

Sizes: 150 x 120, 168 x 180, 178 x 178, 180 x 210, 178 x 230 mms

a) Portrait of Pablo Picasso and The Gypsies with Manitas de Plata , Mougins, September 1969.
b) Portrait of Pablo Picasso and Joan Prats
c) Portrait of Pablo Picasso and Henrietta Gomes, Mougins, September 1969.
d) Portrait of Pablo Picasso and David Cromer, Golf Juan 1953
e) Portrait of Pablo Picasso, Henrietta Gomes and Manitas de Plata, Mougins in July 1969.