after Pablo Picasso - Portrait of Mrs Paul Eluard


Lithograph, circa 1950, in colours, on Arches watermarked paper, an unsigned (as normal) proof.

Edition : Edition size unknown

Note: Nusch Eluard (1906 - 1946) was a significant figure in the surrealist movement in her own right. Originally an actress she met the famous Paul Edouard in the streeet in Paris. The poet had recently separated from his wife, Gala, who had just gone off to partner the artist Salvador Dali. She became a muse to the surrealist movement and was a model for Man Ray who made several highly erotic photographs of her. She and Paul married in 1934. During the 1930’s Pablo Picasso became a good friend of the Elouards and the painter often depicted Nusch - so much so that it was considered at the time that they were having a romantic affair. It was believed that Paul approved of this union: Paul had previously “lent” his first wife, Gala, to Max Ernst. Nusch was an independent, unconventional and erotic lady who made collages and had many lovers. During the Second World War she worked in the French Resistance in Nazi occupied France. Tragically she dredged just forty of a massive stroke.

This lithograph is made after an original painting by Picasso in 1938.

Size: 690 x 903 mms (35.5 x 27.25 ins) (paper size) ; 580 x 700 mms (28 x 22.75 Ins )

Printed by: Mourlot Freres, Paris, France