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Lithograph, in colours, 1967 , on Arches watermarked paper, signed by the artist in pencil.

Edition: /150; There were also 10 Artists proofs.

Note: (Siren with Poet), 1967 from Nice & the Côte d'Azur is a quintessential work by Chagall. The composition centres around the suspended poet and siren, who hold each other so close that their forms merge into one. Royal blue palm trees and flowers bloom in the dusk beneath them, and the ocean reflects a crimson moon back at its counterpart in the sky. Combining figurative elements with a bisected, geometric green and blue sunset, this print nonetheless presents itself as a harmonious whole. The twinned pairs of birds, lovers and moons multiply this sense of oneness, where each element finds its mirror.

It was Lithographed by Charles Sorlier, a principal Chromatist in Mourlot Freres, with whom the artist worked closely for over 25 years. Our work is after a painting made some time before. They artist supervised, approved and signed the finished work. It is part of a series of 12 colourful works entitled “Nice et la Cote d’azure”. The series was as follows:

Solieil Couchant - Sorlier 26

Sirene au Poete - Sorlier 27

Sirene et Poisson - Sorlier 28

Roses et Mimosas - Sorlier 29

La Baie des Anges au bouquet de roses - Sorlier 30

Avenue de la Victoire a Nice - Sorlier 31

Couple dans les Mimosas - Sorlier 32

Bataille de Fleurs - Sorlier 33

Couple et poisson - Sorlier 34

Sirene au pin - Sortier 35

Fiances dans le ciel de Nice - Sorlier 36

Femme au bouquet - Sorlier 37

Collections: Charles Sorlier, Paris

Printed by: Mourlot Freres, Paris, France

Size: 61 x 46 (plate)

Literature: Sorlier, Charles, Chagall Lithographs 1974-1979, Vol. 5. New York: Crown Publishers, 1975. Listed and illustrated as catalogue raisonné no. CS 27 on pg. 222

Published by: Mourlot Freres, Paris

Condition: In good Condition