after Marc Chagall - Le Bouquet


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 Lithograph, in colours, 1955 , on Arches watermarked paper, signed by the artist in pencil, lower right, with deckle edge on right.

Edition: 300

Note: It was Lithographed by Charles Sorlier, a principal Chromatist in Mourlot Freres, with whom the artist worked closely for over 25 years. Our work is after a painting made some time before. They artist supervised, approved and signed the finished work.

This was based on an original watercolour of the same title. In Chagall Le Bouquet (The Bouquet), 1955, a burned red background contrasts strongly with a delicate rose bouquet in the centre of the page, giving the impression of a warm sunlit surrounding. Floating to the left of a delicately rendered city scene, a red figure looks down at the bouquet and blue figure in the lower right. The blue figure is at once two people, perhaps the one below is a reflection of reality - they have similar hair and facial features. The bright green of the foliage appears like a painterly wash, with translucent greys and yellows surrounding the vase. The delicate lines used to create the contours of the forms give an almost calligraphic feel to the work. The joyful and dreamlike sensation evoked in this work reflects the artist beliefs in the harmonious coexistence of man and nature.

Size: 545 x 725 mms (Paper size); 634 x 495 mms (image size)

Collections: Charles Sorlier, Paris

Literature: Sorlier, Charles, Chagall Lithographs 1974-1979, Vol. 5. New York: Crown Publishers, 1975. Listed and illustrated as catalogue raisonné no. CS 8 on pg. 197.

Provenance: From the Estate of fashion executive Margot Rogoff

Published by: Galerie Maeght,Paris

Condition: In good Condition