after Marc Chagall - L’ ange du jugement


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Lithograph, in colours, 1974, on Arches watermarked paper, signed by the artist in pencil, lower right, with deckle edge on right, Lower left printed “CH.SORLIER. GRAV.

Edition: 200

Note:  A dramatic rendering of this scene of Adam and Eve from the creation story. Designed after the maquette for the fourth lancet of Chagall’s renowned stained glass windows for the Cathedral of Saint Stephen of Metz in Lorraine, France, this artwork features a brilliant colour palette of canary yellow accented by pops of blue, green, and red. The Angel of Judgment is pictured in the upper left of the composition, depicted with fiery crimson hair and a pleasant expression, while Adam and Eve are represented as a single figure with two faces towards the centre of the image. In this surreal interpretation of the expulsion, the beginning of humanity is captured with expressive use of colour and line.

It was Lithographed by Charles Sorlier, a principal Chromatist in Mourlot Freres, with whom the artist worked closely for over 25 years. Our work is after a painting made some time before.Sorlier was a master colourist, and continually encouraged Chagall to experiment with vivid hues and to incorporate them into his lithography. To this day, Chagall's lithographic "afters" produced in collaboration with Sorlier are still some of the most prized pieces of the artist's graphic oeuvre, representing a brilliant conjunction of Chagall's unparalleled painterly style and Sorlier's mastery of technique.

The work was made as a poster to advertise an exhibition of the artists works at the Musee National Message Biblique at Nice. This poster can be seen in “Les Affiches de Chagall on page 139. Our work is an “avant les lettres” print made on better quality paper, made in a ,limited edition and signed by the artist.

Size: 545 x 725 mms (Paper size); 634 x 495 mms (image size)

Collections: Charles Sorlier, Paris

Literature: Sorlier, Charles, Chagall Lithographs 1974-1979, Vol. 5. New York: Crown Publishers, 1975. Listed and illustrated as catalogue raisonné no. CS 45 on page 241

Published by: Editions des Amis du Message Biblique Marc Chagall, Nice