after Andy Warhol - Chateau Mouton Rothschild, Premier Cru Classe en 1975


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Bottle of wine 0.75 Litres

The label is a lithograph in colours, 1975, which was designed by Andy Warhol

Note 1: For the 1975 label Warhol, working from photographs as usual, made images of Baron Phillippe de Rothschild in different juxtaposed positions.

Note 2: To commemorate the Allied victory in 1945, Baron Phillipe de Rothschild had the idea of embellishing the Mouton Rothschild label with art. Each year a famous painter was asked to produce a design for a label and this custom lasted from 1945 until today. The label design was incorporated into a poster to advertise the wine. Amongst the more famous “labels” and posters were:

1955 : George Braque

195 6 : Salvador Dali

1967: Cesar

1970 : Marc Chagall

1972 : Serge Polliakoff

1974 : Robert Motherwell

1980 : Arman

1990 : Frances Bacon

1995 : Antoni Tapies

1948 : Marie Laurencin

1964 : Henry Moore

1969 : Joan Miro

1971 : Kandinski

1973 : Pablo Picasso

1975: Andy Warhol

1985: Paul Delvaux

1988 : Keith Haring

1989: Georg Baselitz

1994 : Karrel Appel

1995: Antoni Tapies

1998: Rufino Tamayo

2004 HRH The Prince of Wales

2006: Lucien Freud

2009: Anish Kapoor

2010: Jeff Koons

Since 1946 only 4 vintages out of the 60 have departed from the tradition.

In 1981 Baroness Philippine de Rothschild collated all the original works which had been made by the world famous artists into individual framed exhibition cases and arranged a travelling exhibition of these: since that time the show has been to many famous museums throughout the world: It began in Canada, In Japan in 1982 and later the United States (21 Cities), England, Scotland, Germany, Belgium, Hong Kong, China and Russia.

Edition: Size unknown

Literature: Mouton Rothschild, “Paintings for the Labels”, Published by Sotheby's 2007. The book was published when the exhibition was hosted by Sotheby's in New York City. See page 131 which illustrates this label.