Salvador Dali - Nu féminin (recto) / Costumes de l’an 2000 (verso)

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Original blue Pen on a page of drawing book, unwatermarked, signed in blue biro above right (recto) “Dali”

Verso: The stamp of the Perrot Moore collection.

Size: 20.7 x 13 cms

Authentication: A certificate from the Internationally recognised Salvador Dali expert, Nicholas Descharnes will accompany this work. That document is in course of preparation and we have been advised, by Nicolas Descharnes, that it will be with us by the beginning of 2019. The received document will , doubtless, provide further information allowing us to catalogue this work better.

Note: This small work is rather surrealist in style showing the woman breasts and torso as a face.

Provenance: The Perrot-Moore Collection, Museum Perrot-Moore, Cadaques, Spain. This is stamped signed with the Collection Perrot Moore ink stamp in the lower left part of the drawing (verso). This drawing belonged to the Perrot Moore collection which was the worlds largest private collection of original Dali works. The collection was displayed in the Perrot-Moore Museum in Cadaques, Spain. The owner of the collection was John Peter Moore , who was a former British Army captain who worked for Salvador Dali from 1960 till 1975 and was a close friend of both Dali himself and his wife Gala Dali. John Moore, i.e "Le Capitaine" first met Dall in 1956 when he was working with film producer and director Alexander Korda in Rome. The two became friends. In 1960 Dali employed Moore as his personal secretary and, from 1965, as his business manager. Together with Dali's wife, Gala, they travelled regularly to New York for the winter, Paris for the spring, and Cadaqués, in northern Spain, for the summer. The collection was disposed of in June 2003 and the bulk of the works were sold in an auction held by Artcuriel in Paris. This work was lot 337 in that sale.