Salvador Dali - Les Vins de Gala

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Original blue biro drawing on paper, 1977, Signed and dedicated “POUR / ROUCAUTE / mon Docteur et / Ami Ave [Avec] Reconesence [Reconnaissance]”

Size: 30 x 21.4 cms

Provenance: Dali was very friendly with his Doctor, Roucaute, who looked after him when the artist was in Paris. There are a number of drawings extant dedicated to this personage.

Note: This work is drawn on the frontispiece of a book entitled “Les Vins de Gala” published by Draeger, Paris, 1977.

Certification: This work comes with a certificate by Nicolaus Descharnes dated 31/1/2017 - Archive number d5770 dated 31/1/2017