Salvador Dali - Cybele

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Original multiple patinated bronze multiple sculpture , 1972/3, signed by the artist in the bronze.

Literature: See “Sculptures and objects : Dali - the Hard and the Soft - by Robert and Nicolas Descharnes. Page 201 - Reference 497

Size: 400 mms Height x 130 x 110 mms (Including base( Excluding base: 310 x 130 x 110 mms

Weight: 11 Kgs.

Published by: Cory Gallery Editions, 377 Geary Street, San Francisco, USA

Authenticity: We have a copy of a letter dated 5/6/1996 signed by Albert Field of the Salvador Dali Archives. He states that he has a copy of a contract signed by Salvador Dali and Edward J Cory concerning this item. He goes on to say that the Archives purchased statue number 30/100 from Mrs Estelle Cory.

Cast by: Art Bronzes, San Leandro, California.

Note: We have a copy of a Press Release made by The Cory Gallery (Undated but presumably circa 1973). In this document it states that the Madonna-like face is fitted with Dali’s symbolical drawer in the forehead and that the handsome and forceful torso, with multiple breasts, proclaims her indeed a modern version of Artemis, the ancient Greek goddess of fertility.   KYBELE (or Cybele) was the great Phrygian Mother of the Gods, a primal nature goddess worshipped with orgiastic rites in the mountains of central and western Anatolia.

A further Dali motif is the melting clock on her shoulder.

A further press cutting by Cory Galleries, of which we also have a copy, states “She has 18 breasts and a drawer in her forehead” and the Limited Edition of 100 copies offered to serious collectors at $7500-00 each copy.

Edition: 100 - Editioned in the bronze. There was a larger sculpture of the same subject made in an edition of 8