Salvador Dali - Combat des Cavaliers

£ 600.00

Original Etching and Aquatint in colours, on Japan paper, 1975, signed and dated in the plate 1962

Note: Larger etchings were Issued in a portfolio entitled “Calderon: La vie est un song” which consisted of 12 works and was published in 1971. Field states (page 138) that Dali’s secretary, Captain Moore, provided the publisher, Carlos Galofre (Editorial Subirana, Galerie Surrealsitea), 16 copper plates to the artist on which to make a second edition with Spanish Text on smaller paper and these was published in 1975.

Edition: According to Field the total edition, on different papers, was approximately 311

References: Michler-Lopsinger - Dali Etchings no 516 ; Albert Field “The Official Catalogue of the Graphic Works of Salvador Dali” Number 73.1.J

Published by: Carlos Galofre

Printed by: Ateliers Rigal, Paris, France

Size: Paper size 380 x 280 mms