Salvador Dali - Christ of Saint John of the Cross

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Original multiple brass patinated bronze multiple sculpture, on black marble base, circa 1970, signed by the artist in the bronze with incised signature.

Size: 437 mms (Height), Width 21 cms.

Authenticity: We have with this piece a certificate of authenticity from Exmundart Reference 01 270 08 072 -54365 ZER 39184

Literature: See “Sculptures and objects : Dali - the Hard and the Soft - by Robert and Nicolas Descharnes. Pages 169 - Reference 429

Note: Dali’s most famous religious painting is, without doubt, Christ of Saint John of the Cross. Dali was inspired to create this image (painted in 1951 through the sculpture dates from 1974) by a drawing made by Saint John of the Cross who had a vision of Christ during an ecstatic state. Father Bruno Froissart de bJesus Marie, Dali’s friend and editor of Carmelite Studios, was the first to photograph this drawing in the monastery of Avila where it is kept. He showed it to Dali, who immediately associated it with the crucifix often offered to the dying. Inspired by the image he painted a masterpiece that is to be seen today in the Museum of Glasgow. The sculpture represents a Christ without a cross, whose body is supported by and enormous nail. The point is rammed in to a pyramid of Golgotha stones, worn and plotted by the feet of pilgrims. The nail first pierces a cloverleaf, the three-foiled leaf, which helped Saint Patrick explain the Holy Trinity to there Irish,.

Published by : Land Spring Engineering Ltd (Exmundart)

Edition: 350 - Editioned in the bronze.

Other editions were made of different sizes.