Pablo Picasso - Les Trois Graces Couronnees de Fleurs

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Trois Femmes

The Three Graces Crowned with Flowers

Medium: Original etching, (18th January 1938, Paris), IIIrd State, on Arches tient (unwatermarked) Paper, signed by the artist in pencil

Edition: 50


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Published by: Galerie Louise Leiris, 1960

Note: This work was engraved by the artist in 1938 and several trial proofs were made on various papers at the time but an edition was not made. In 1960 Louis Leiris published the third state of the print in an edition 50 with 15 artists proofs. The copper was cancelled in 1979 and proofs from the cancelled copper were made by Crommrlynck.

In terms of style many consider the 1930’s to be Picasso’s best decade for making prints. There are also precious few prints in this archetypal 'thirties style'. In fact, there are only three: Bloch 301 - cf. Le combat dans l'arène III -, Bloch 317 - cf. Tête de femme (Paul Eluard, Solidarité) -, and this print Les trois Grâces couronnées de fleurs . This Followed on the heels of several other nice prints of the subject of three women (or the Three Graces) which Picasso visited sporadically starting in the early 1920's, this print is considered the best of all of these. The plate still exists of this work.

Printed by : Frelaut , Paris

Size:  372 x 475 mms (Paper size) ; 205 x 307 mms (plate size)

Public Collections: Musee Picasso, Paris