Pablo Picasso - Autour d’el Greco portraits, avec modele étendu, et “Bonhomme”

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El Greco Portraits with reclining model and Snowman.

Medium: Original Etching and aquatint and drypoint, 2nd state, 15th April 1968, III. Mouguins, on Rives Paper, with full margins, signed by the artist in pencil.

Edition: 50. There were also 17 artists proofs.

Size: 467 x 378 mms (Paper size); 223 x 320 mms (Plate size)

Publisher: Galerie Louis Leiris Gallery, Paris, France

Printed by : Crommelynck Freres, Paris, France

Note:  In the post war period, now in his late sixties, Picasso began to take stock of his life’s work. In 1947 he donated 10 paintings to the Musee d’Art Moderns in Paris and as a result of this, got to see his work displayed, for the first time, alongside masterpieces from the Louvre. From then onwards Picasso increasingly produced pieces based explicitly on the work of the Old Masters. In 1950 he made a number of such works including El Greco’s portrait of his son. El Gerco’s work had left a mark on Picasso since his earliest days and had influenced much of the painting he had produced in Paris at the turn of the century. The Masterpiece, “Les Demoiselles d’Avignon” of 1907 owed much in stye to the influence of El Greco. Our etching is part of this continuing “hommage” to a great artist of a bygone age. Besides the El Greco portraits, however, it shows other aspects in the cartoons” such as the receding model and funny face - these owed little to the Old Master and are very much “Picasso” himself.

Plate 41 from the 347 series. The cancelled plate still exists.


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