David Hockney - Joe McDonald

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Original Lithograph, 1976 on Arches Cover mould made paper, signed and dated by the artist in blue crayon, chop mark Lower right verso DH76-767

Size: 105.4 x 75.5 cms (Paper size)

Note: This was part of a series of Lithographs Hockney made of his American and British friends.  Hockney made several drawings and other prints of the same subject. Joe McDonald was a male model from New York born in 1945 and died in 1983.. Hockney writes of him “The first friend of mine to die was Joe McDonald. I always went to see him when I was in New York. He’d had every sexual disease there was; and he was the first person I knew to become ill with Aids, just after 1981. He’d just done Parade, Les Mamelles de Tiresias and L’Enfant et lies Sortilages at the Metropolitan Opera in February 1981. While I was working on it in New York from late 1979 on I saw a lot of Joe. Then I started on the Stravinsky triple bill, which opened at the Metropolitan Opera in December 1981. I used to ring Joe up every two or three days and chat with him and he used to ring me”

Edition:  99 (There we’re also 32 proofs)

Published by: Serge Lezingot and Edward Henderson, Gemini G.E.L 1976

Printed by: Gemini Gel, Los Angeles, CA

Provenance:  Dana Reich Gallery (San Francisco, CA) label affixed verso,


David Hockney Prints - Tokyo Museum Catalogue 164

Scottish Arts Council Number 175

Condition: In very good condition